About Us

We are a diverse circle of driven and dedicated individuals, who all participate in providing a dynamic cleaning and housekeeping service, whilst promoting socially responsible community values and environmentally conscientious practices and projects. We believe in building a circle instead of a ladder. Circles can be expanded! More than anything, we love our beautiful planet and we want to help clean it, while taking care of the needs of our community.

To that end, we made it our mission to be as responsive to our immediate community, by offering a highly adaptable and dynamic service to our customers, and higher than average wages and flexibility to our dedicated Cleaniacs.


Our Vision

We strive to make your home clean and safe from hazardous chemicals, while also making our planet safer and healthier. We make sure that our bottles don’t make it to the ocean, and our products don’t damage or destroy ecological systems, no matter how small. It’s a process that we are continuously working to build on, and this is one of the reasons we have designated a percentage of every booking of any Cleaniacs service, to go directly toward environmental clean-up and preservation projects – starting with the efforts to clean the Sacramento River.

Cleaniacs are also getting involved in the environment. Though today we are small, we have big plans. One of the main reasons we started doing what we do, is our desire to help our environment. After so many years of drought, fires, and natural disaster with no real end in sight, we chose the Sacramento river as our Kickstarter, because water is literally life! Help us make sure that the river gets cleaned and restored and stays that way!

Who We Are

Ted Rezonov
Co-founder, human resources and R&D

As a believer in environmental protection and preservation, Ted decided to introduce the idea of cleaning the world one house at a time. At 29, Ted holds a degree in political science and has solid leadership and team building skills. His worldview is that you can inspire important changes one person at a time.

Natalie Rezonov
Co-founder, operations

Former Business Unit Operations Manager at Hewlett Packard and Network Security Manager at intel corporation, Natalie brings vast management experience to our cleaning business. Natalie possesses both the vision and leadership skills to make our goals a reality. She brings a practical approach to making anything possible.

Tali Gildin-Cohen
Co-founder, business development and marketing

Tali has a long career history of community activism. With a degree in Law Tali contributes an entrepreneurial spirit with understanding of community needs. She communicates our efforts and vision, taking a results-oriented approach to her Cleaniacs’ contributions.


Cleaniacs use environmentally sourced, plant based, non-toxic cleaning solutions. We have a commitment to make sure our products don’t damage our environment, air, and water.
We believe everyone has the right to clean air and water. Cleaniacs is committed to donating a portion of its proceeds to environmental cleanup and restoration projects.
Cleaniacs offers a fast and easy online booking solution. Get your service scheduled with just a few clicks. Many add-ons available!
Cleaniacs is fully licensed and insured giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your home and its contents are safe.